App Releases

Here is where we document the releases of the mobile app and what has been updated with each release.

3.0.1 - 5th December 2020 (iOS & Android)

It seems Santa has forgotten some story presents in version 3.0 so one of the elves had transported themselves back to the North Pole to pick them up and get them added to version 3.0.1.

3.0 - 3rd December 2020 (iOS)

It was a Friday morning and little Jack was having breakfast as his mum is on her phone type. “What is your favourite place to visit? what meal do you enjoy the most? what makes you smile?” mum said. Jack asks his mum what she is doing. Mum explains how she was putting together a list of questions that she wanted to ask her mum & dad (Jack’s grandparents) so she could keep the answers for the future and maybe even be something Jack could show his kids when he is older. Jack spat out his breakfast “kids… I am 9 mum”.

Keepsake is a new feature of voiceOK that enables you to create a digital memory Keepsake of a loved one by them answering questions you craft with their voice.

2.9.3 - 13th October 2020 (iOS & Android)

In a place far away there was a little girl who enjoyed reading stories both old and new, she read these stories day and night whenever she could. By late summer she had read 100 stories, she told her mother this amazing news to which her mother asked if she could listen to these stories her daughter had recorded. Now in version 2.9.3 the mother and you can listen back to stories that have been read via the voiceOK app. Enjoy reading and listening along with 4 new voiceOK original stories that have been added all about adventure, resilience, love and time travel :)

2.9.1 - 27th September 2020 (iOS only)

The man who wants to auto-sync
In a place lost in time from before words were even a thing, there was a man who was very forgetful. Every day he would record sentence after sentence via his voiceOK app but would also forget to manually sync his recordings. But then from space came an alien who explained to the man that in the new update of voiceOK Premium his recordings would automatically be remotely backed up if he was on WiFi and only when he read offline would he need to remember to manually sync the recordings. Of which the alien said in a future version of voiceOK even that would become automatic. The alien returned to his own planet to carry on working on the app and the man updated voiceOK and smiled every night knowing that his recordings were being backed up securely.

The tale of the dragon audio codex
In a land far far away there lived a dragon called Bob who spoke a different language to all the other dragons, Bob was left out of games and friendships until one day the little dragon noticed all the other dragons where playing fireball and as he knew the rules over a few weeks Bob watched the other dragon play and slowly learned how they spoke to each other and that they were speaking in m4a AAC compressed audio (just like all fairytales do) rather than CAF audio. Now any voices of the dragon or of a voiceOK user can be heard across iOS devices regardless of type.

As the builders finalised this key feature for users of the apps they also noticed a few other inconsistent visual things which decided together to update to make the experience very clean and tidy.

2.9.0 - 21st September 2020 (iOS only)

Once upon a time, there was an app that was released to the world but this app, when started to play with other people, was found to have a few bugs in it. So the app had to be taken to hospital to be made better and during the time the app was in the hospital, it was able to learn some new things too. The app is now 3 times faster at uploading and downloading files when syncing due to a new audio compress but most importantly the app can now be listened to in bedtime story mode so now when you have finished reading a story you can listen back to the story through the app. The app got better and left the hospital and went back out to the world and lived happily ever after :)

2.8.3 - 8th September 2020 (iOS only)

First public release :)