voiceOK originals

Today we launch voiceOK originals, a series of orignal chilrens stories to inspire and delight.

Today we launch voiceOK originals, a series of original children's stories to inspire and delight. We will be releasing four new titles a month to the voiceOK app, these stories will complement the public domain, copyright-free and authorised stories we use within the voiceOK app currently.

Inspired by Pratham Books from India, who have been releasing stories under creative commons for over 10 years. All voiceOK originals (stories text and book covers) will be released under creative commons licenses Attribution 4.0 International, meaning anyone in the world can use or remix voiceOK originals in both personal or commercial projects as long as the new work attributes the original source. We look forward to adding some great engaging stories to the creative commons world.

Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Our first four voiceOK originals are:

The Glass Bottle Stories
A story of a granma's love of the world and travel but only from the words and pictures of books. Until she and her grand-daughter travel the world via a story in a glass bottle that will bring the world and the people in it together more than they could ever imagine. Read the story

Jungle School
A story of a young boy who feels worried when his mum is late to pick him up from school but when an adventure across a swampy rainforest puts him in front of challenges he gets the strength in himself. Read the story

The Croc and the turtle
A story of a Croc who uses his strength and fear to try and dominate the river but is righted by the smallest of creatures. How a calm and relaxed turtle taught the scariest animal in the river a lesson of kindest. Read the story

The time traveling sofa
A story of a family who move to a new city and what is a normal museum trip that turns into a sibling adventure through time and space all from a mysterious museum owner. Read the story

We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as we enjoyed creating them. You can also listen to The Glass Bottle Stories on the new voiceOK podcast Bedtime Stories.

Download the voiceOK app today and enjoy these great new original stories for free.